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Why your SEO efforts probably suck – and what you can do to fix it

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November 25th, 2013 Posted 9:05 pm

If you’ve been trying to “crack the code” when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) but have discovered that almost everything you’re trying just doesn’t work, don’t feel bad – you are nowhere near alone.

The reality of the situation is that the overwhelming majority of otherwise smart and savvy business owners and entrepreneurs just don’t know how to get the most out of SEO – and even a lot of so-called SEO experts don’t know what they’re doing either.

If you are sick and tired of dealing with search engine optimization tools, tactics, and technologies that just don’t deliver any of the results that they promise, here are a handful of very specific things you need to focus on to take control of your organic search engine efforts.

You absolutely, positively MUST have a specific search engine optimization strategy

The biggest reason that so much SEO effort sucks and isn’t able to produce any of the results you are hoping for is because people go into SEO blindly.

They tried this search engine optimization tactic for a little while before shifting to that one, jumping from the hottest tactic du jour or “whizbang” tip they got from some blog somewhere, all without any real forward thinking strategy acting as the backbone to their effort.

This is not the way to create lasting success online, and all but guarantees that you’re going to stay out of the top spots in the major search engine networks.

What you want to do is come up with a very specific and overreaching search engine optimization plan and strategy, outlining what you hope to achieve, which keywords you hope to rank and which you could care less about, and a handful of very specific deadlines you’re going to use as milestones and markers for your progress.

Then and only then will you be able to develop specific SEO tactics or tools that can provide you with the results you’re looking for – since you will then have a target that you can aim for.

Using old or outdated SEO tactics will put you in the bottom of the rankings faster than anything else

The search engine optimization world is constantly shifting, changing, and rewriting the rules for success on an almost minute by minute basis – and that is no exaggeration.

Google and Yahoo (as well as other major search engine networks) are always making minor adjustments and tweaks to their search engine algorithms, and it just might be that the tactics that work yesterday to shoot you to the top of the rankings are the same tactics that put you in the bottom of the results today.

Without paying close attention to all of the different changing tides of the search engine world (and adjusting with lightning like speed), you’re going to be crippling your business efforts and your website‘s SEO forever. The Google Panda and Google Penguin changes were two of the major shifts that happened a little more than a year ago, and people are still using tactics that worked previous to those major rollouts – tactics that have been basically “outlawed” – and are wondering why they aren’t having any success.

If your keyword stuffing, if you’re creating content that was created to fall search engine spiders as opposed to help real users, or if you’re trying to generate some amazing “link juice” with a link wheel, it’s time that you abandoned the ship and started looking for something a little more modern.

Search engine optimization is just one piece of the puzzle

The final thing that you really need to pay attention to (and a major reason that most SEO efforts are a total waste of time) is that search engine optimization has become just a single piece of the web traffic generation puzzle – and not the whole thing.

Social media and a whole host of other web platforms and technologies are encroaching on search engine optimizations reach and diverting the way that your clients, customers, and prospects use the web on a daily basis. It would be foolish to ignore this kind of transformation and hold out hope that SEO will still provide you with the same results it used to.

At the same time, those that say SEO is completely dead and gone or useless should be ignored entirely – Google is still the number one platform in the world and what people all over the globe use every single day (multiple times a day) to find exactly what they’re looking for. You’d have to be a little bit crazy to ignore that kind of leverage, but you do have to make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to your overall strategy to enjoy real success.

Hopefully this has provided you with a bit of information to really think about moving forward – good luck asked!

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